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Growth update: Tuesday, Friday


Growth update: Tuesday, Friday


Hello, we are Gain TRX

YES, IT IS POSSIBLE TO EARN 30% PER MONTH HERE, BUT THIS IS NOT A HYIP! Ethereum Vault is a next generation coin of Ethereum Crypto Currency. Gain TRX started from August 30, 2021 Warsaw Poland. We are team having extensive coin market cryptocurrency experience of 5 years.

Our aim is to make Ethereum Vault and Electric Cash a public currency made popular by peoples choice. Ethereum Vault and Electric Cash becoming the coin of people to do transction in exchanges and public sector. With the peoples support, we have started Ethereum Vault with 0.013 USD and Electric Cash with 0.067 USD. Our aim is to within 2 years time both coins to be reached 10 USD. Use only TronProlink Wallet Trx Address.

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Trained by - CANTHO LAODAI

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Trained by - CANTHO LAODAI

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How to Withdraw

Trained by - CANTHO LAODAI

You can withdraw TRX, ETHV, ELCash

How it works?

Staking Program

Min. Deposit Max. Deposit Daily Growth No. of Days Referral Level
TRON 500 50000 1% 365 Days 10% 5% to 0.10% Upto 6 Levels
ETHV 500 50000 1% 365 Days 10% 5% to 0.10% Upto 6 Levels
ELCash 500 50000 1% 365 Days 10% 5% to 0.10% Upto 6 Levels
Withdrawal 500 100000 Daily Withdrawal Withdrawal Including Deposit Instantly Added For Guider 10 Referral Req.

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Convert ETHV/ ELCash to TRX

You can convert your ETHV/ ELCash from Swap to TRX. Just Click on below Coin Links for Instant Conversion.

Instant Buy and Sale - ELCash

Instant Buy and Sale - ETHV